Engineering in India takes an Offbeat Course

Engineering has existed since the dawn of civilization, which reshaped the world over time. From cultivating farms to building megacities, making tools to machine learning - each advancement came with its own set of challenges and complex problems that required creative solutions. And engineering was the answer to it all!

Dating back to ancient Egypt, where shelter, infrastructure, and transportation became necessary for the community, civil engineering emerged - becoming one of the oldest disciplines known to mankind. The industrial revolution in the 15th century gave rise to mechanical engineering. This was followed by the discovery of electricity in the 17th century resulting in laying the foundations for electrical engineering.

The scientist discovers a new type of material or energy and the engineer discovers a new use for it.
- Gordon Lindsay Glegg

The advent of the 21st century - rightly labelled as the age of technology has given rise to many engineering disciplines beyond the traditional ones, leaving you spoilt for choice. The demand for engineers in offbeat fields is high as they are lesser-known but hold enormous scope for innovation. Wish to enjoy a lucrative and satisfactory career? Read on to discover these unique and upcoming engineering disciplines.

Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking is the process of legally breaking into computers and systems to test an organisation’s defence mechanisms to find out loopholes that can be exploited by malicious hackers and to eliminate potential security breaches. With the world going digital and businesses moving online, the demand for ethical hackers and computer forensics has increased, and many engineering institutes offer credible programs. Under this discipline, one can try out job profiles like Information Security Analyst, Security Consultant, and Penetration Tester.

Energy Engineering

To tackle the dearth of traditional energy sources and develop new alternative energy sources, energy engineering is the need of the hour - now more than ever. This discipline is concerned with energy efficiency, energy services, plant engineering, facility management, and environmental issues. You can dabble into job profiles such as Energy Performance Engineer, Environmental Solutions Engineer, and Energy Efficiency Engineer, among others, and work for renewable energy companies to be instrumental in combating climate change and global warming.

Naval architecture & Ocean Engineering

With large quantities of raw materials and manufactured goods being transported to the world across seas, it is imperative to make sea transportation efficient, eco-friendly, and safe. To ensure the shipping industry runs smoothly, the naval architecture & ocean engineering sector deals with the designing, planning, building, and repairing of merchant and military ships, boats, submarines, ferries, yachts, and other marine vessels. You can don roles such as Naval Architect, Design Specialist, Maintenance Engineer, Project Manager, and Consultant, to name a few.

Sound Engineering

If you love to mix, match and create sounds that resonate with people, the discipline of sound engineering is made especially for you. Besides, the recent spurt in the digital entertainment industry has opened new avenues for individuals with a penchant for sound and audio technologies. Through this discipline, you can master the technical and creative aspects of recording, editing, and using different sounds for myriad purposes. You can explore job roles like Recording Engineer, Tracking Engineer, Studio Engineer, Game and audio design Engineer, Mixing Engineer, and Live Sound Engineer.

Agricultural & Food Engineering

Agriculture provides livelihood to millions of people across the world. With increased urbanisation causing immense loss of agricultural lands, it is necessary to make agriculture a sustainable, competitive, and profitable enterprise. You can delve into job roles like Agricultural Engineer, Food and Beverage Supervisor, Farm Shop Manager, Survey Research Agricultural Engineer, and Agronomist.

Aerospace Engineering

Got your eye on the sky? If yes, you can concern yourself with the research, design, construction, testing, and maintenance of aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, and missiles with an Aerospace engineering degree. You can grab a chance to work on exciting projects related to the aerospace field, national defence, space exploration, and research. Employment opportunities include working as a Military Aerospace Engineer, Aircraft Designer, Maintenance Engineer, CAD Technician, etc.

Sports Technology Engineering

Are you driven by your passion for sports and technology? Then sports technology engineering could just be the perfect thing for you. Designing a running shoe, developing sports equipment, and studying the biomechanics of movement to understand how it can help minimize injury to the athlete are things you will delve into while pursuing this field. You can tap into job profiles like Calibration Engineer, Design Engineer, Product Development Engineer, and Research and Development Engineer, among many others.

Photonics Engineering

Forget electrons. Think photons! If you opt for Photonics engineering, you’ll be responsible for devising light sources and the optical fibres that light travels through. With plenty of opportunities in the design, research, development of systems and applications in the optics and electronics manufacturing industries and government and industry laboratories. This field can provide you with gainful employment as Fibre Optics Technician, Energy Engineer, Materials Engineer, or Research Officer.

Biomedical Engineering

The application of engineering principles in the healthcare field is known as Bioengineering. In this discipline, you get to research, develop, test, and acquire advanced knowledge of life-saving innovations and technologies that help improve the quality of life for people around the world. You can make a real difference in the world with job opportunities, including working as a Bioengineer, Prosthetics Engineer, Biomaterials Developer, Manufacturing Engineer, Medical Technology Developer, etc.

AI and Machine Learning

To imitate natural intelligence and solve complex real-world problems, Artificial Intelligence (AI) involves all those things in which we can make computers do the job of humans. A subset of AI, Machine Learning is the process of making a machine learn on its own without being particularly programmed and automatically learning and advancing from experiences. You can thrive in the challenging and ever-evolving field of AI and Machine Learning with job roles like AI Data Analyst, Big Data Engineer, Business Intelligence Developer, Data Scientist, Research Scientist, and Machine Learning Engineer.

In the modern-day world, engineers play a critical role in advancing technologies, finding ingenious solutions to the world's problems, and charting a course for positive change across the globe. To stand out from the rest, develop intellectually, nurture creative thinking, lead a fulfilling life, give these offbeat engineering courses a try at Study in India’s partner institutes, and pave the way for success.

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