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India is well positioned in the international education sector and holds an important place in the global education sector. India is poised to readily welcoming young minds from around the world, explore the uniqueness in higher education from the top-level raking institutions. All that the students’ needs are to meet the eligibility criteria set by each of the higher education institutions. Students can easily begin their learning journey with their true mindset. The specific eligibility criteria vary with different institutes, choice of disciplines, programs of study. International students can check the same through the ‘Study in India’ website. A list of institutes offering the type of courses and programs of study is displayed in the website and the students can check the specific eligibility conditions or qualification criterions for each of the institute. Moreover, the entry-level eligibility is broadly explained below.

Entry Level Eligibility

Indian higher education is broadly divided into four program levels,

The Bachelor’s degree, undergraduate courses take 3-5 years to complete depending on the type of discipline chosen. In the case of disciplines/ streams of studies in Science, Commerce and Arts, a student will be conferred a Bachelor’s degree after three years of studies. On the other hand, for Disciplines/ streams such as Agriculture, Engineering & Technology, Pharmacy, Architecture*, the Bachelor’s degree is conferred to the student on completion of four years of studies and five years for Architecture. Please take note that the minimum requirement for students to take up an undergraduate course is 10+2 years of schooling.

The Master’s degree, students can opt for a postgraduate course in India only after completing a Bachelor’s degree in their disciplines of study. In a postgraduate course, the students get exposed to an in-depth study of the subject of their choice. The Post Graduate studies most often are research driven, leading to further education for doctoral level programs. The duration of postgraduate courses offered by Indian universities and colleges generally ranges between 1-2 years.

Students who want to step into the world of research and wish to explore a subject/course in-depth, can opt for Doctoral Studies. Doctorate programs lead to award of ‘PhD degree’, which in general involve in- depth research for 2-3 years followed by submission of ‘Doctoral Thesis’ which can be completed over a span of 3-5 years. During this period, the research fellow will be mentored and guided by a faculty member in the respective discipline leading to compilation of the thesis. Please note the minimum requirement for opting for a PhD course is a post-graduate degree.

Before opting for any course/institute, students must make sure that they are meeting the basic eligibility criteria. Additionally, they should also go through the admission and entry requirements set by individual institutes for each course on the institute page. The same can be checked through the Study in India website.

Please Note: NRIs are now eligible to apply for the ‘Study in India’ program. However, they will not be eligible for the SII Scholarship.

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