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How To Select The Right College For You?

Finding and applying to the right college in a foreign country may seem difficult but it is not a mammoth task, especially with the Study in India programme. It makes the admission process to any Indian institute in India easy.

Wondering how? Here’s a step-by-step guide.

Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society.
- Kofi Annan

Finding Information about a Course/Institute of your Liking:

Education in India began thousands of years ago with ancient scriptures and today it is imparted in premier Indian institutes. India has become an attractive education hub for international students and with Study in India, you too can give wings to your dream of studying abroad. When it comes to higher education, selecting the course that resonates with your interest is pivotal and the Study in India makes sure that you are presented with a range of choices smoothly.

Here is how!

  • All you need to do is visit the homepage of the Study in India website and find the ‘Search Your Course’ tab provided at the top right side.
  • Towards the left side of this tab, you will find three filters, namely, Discipline, Programme and Institute Type.
  • Another way to look for a course or institute information is through the ‘Courses’ tab present on the homepage of the SII website. The ‘Courses’ tab is further categorised into ‘Regular Courses’ and ‘Niche Courses’ wherein regular courses consist of options from popular disciplines such as Engineering, Humanities, Management, Architecture, Commerce, etc. And, niche courses are short term courses like Yoga & Buddhist Studies.

The Study in India can give a flight to your dream of studying abroad and you can easily get on board with the programme by filling out the SII application. If you are new to Study in India programme then register right away by following steps:

  • Enter your details (such as Name, Country, Country Code, Mobile Number, Email, submit your application).
  • Activate your account by clicking on the link in the confirmation email you would’ve received on your registered email ID. Take a note of your login credentials.

Once you have registered, log in through the credentials provided and complete the application. The application consists of three sections explained below:


In the Basic information section you need to fill in details across the following headers:

  • Student Basic Information: Consists of these fields - Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Email, Country, Country code & Contact Number.
  • **NOTE: If you change your Date of Birth, all the choices filled in the choice filling section will be removed

  • Parents / Guardian Information: Consists of these fields - Father’s Name, Mother’s Name, Country Code & Phone Number
  • **NOTE: The contact number cannot be changed once it is verified through the OTP.

  • Permanent Address: Consists of these fields - Nationality, State, City, Zip Code & Residential Address
  • Passport Details
  • Save all the details entered.


In the academic information section you need to fill in details across the following headers:

  • Academic Information: You are required to provide qualification marks of Class 10th, Class 12th & Diploma / Graduation / Post Graduation (as applicable)
  • Additional Exam: Provide the details of additional exams that you have appeared for and the marks obtained.
  • Document Information: Please upload the scanned copy of your qualification documents, photo and signature.
  • Save all the details entered and the documents uploaded.

Please note, if a different grading system is followed in your country (other than the Percentage Grading System) you can take help from the ‘Grade Conversion Document’.


The choice filling section consists of the following headers:

  • Select Discipline: Select the disciplines and program level of your choice and move ahead.
  • Choice Filling: Use the filters (Discipline, Program Level, Name of Course, Specialization or Institute Name) to find the institutes/courses of your interest. Please provide a minimum of 3 institute choices, save the details and move ahead.
  • Submit: Please rank the choices of institute/courses as per your preference, checkmark the declaration and click the submit button.

Please note, if a different grading system is followed in your country (other than the Percentage Grading System) you can take help from the ‘Grade Conversion Document’.

Once you have decided on your list of ideal institutes/courses, we suggest you browse through living and accommodation in India. You can also look up the climate, culture, travel options, etc of the cities where your chosen institutes are located. Any additional information about studying and living in India can be found through the ‘Plan your Stay’ tab on our website. Also, if you are wondering how much your education will cost then on average a student spends about $5500 per year. However, this figure may vary depending on the course/institute you choose, as well as the living expenses and tuition cost.

But, pursuing higher education through the Study in India Programme comes with a set of benefits and financial assistance (in the form of the Partner Institute Scholarship) is one of them. Partner Institute Scholarship is a concession offered on tuition fees by the Study in India partner institutes on the basis of your merits and availability of seats in categories of G1 (100%), G2 (75%), G3 (50%). Wish to find more about financial assistance? You can find it through the ‘Partner Institute Scholarship’ tab on our website. Additionally, you can find a proper video guide to filling out the SII application on our YouTube Channel.

So, why wait?

Let your dream of studying abroad turn into reality as a lifetime of knowledge and experiences await you in India!

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