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About Scholarship

The Study in India Scholarship of USD 3200 is provided to meritorious students applying to the Study in India Programme. If any institute charges more than the scholarship amount the student will have to pay the balance amount to the institute directly. The SII Scholarship amount will be given to the institutes directly and no amount will be paid to any student.

Duration of the SII Scholarship:

  • The SII Scholarship for AY 2022-23 will be granted for 3 years or the duration of the course, whichever is lesser.
  • No scholarship will be given for pursuing PhD in India


  • To be eligible, it is mandatory for a student to fill the complete form (registration & choice filling) on the website ( )
  • Only the students those who submit their application along with the required documents will be eligible
  • For getting SII Scholarship the student will have to sit for the PRAGATII exam which will be held in online mode throughout the world
  • The SII Scholarship will be awarded based on the scores of PRAGATII Exam
  • The information about SII scholarship will be displayed on the student dashboard, in the results tab.

Please Note: Receiving a scholarship does not ensure admission to the allotted institute. The final admissions are offered by the institutes as per their selection criteria.

Renewal of Scholarship

The scholarships are renewable on a year-on-year basis, for a maximum period of 3- years only or until the completion of the course, whichever is lesser.

Procedure and Eligibility:

  • Students must fulfill the necessary requirements for getting promoted to the next academic year of their courses.
  • No disciplinary action should have been initiated by the institute against the student.
  • The student should have maintained an attendance of a minimum of 75% throughout the semester/trimester.
  • The scholarship is only renewed after the verification of all the details by the Study in India team.

Important Points to Note:

  • In case a student decides to change the field of study or course offered by the institute, then an attested document and a new offer letter submitted by the head of the institute should provide certification, allowing the student to change course within the institute.
  • In case, any student requests a change in course, the duration of the allotted course by SII must be the same as the changed course. For eg, if the student was allocated a 3-year B.Sc. (Physics) course by SII and he/she decides to change the allocated course then he/she can only opt for any 3-year course. In case of a change in course duration, the SII scholarship shall not be granted.
  • Also, if a student decides to change course from the allotted institute to a different institute, then the scholarship will not be transferred to the other institute or renewed for the following years.

The Withdrawal

The Study in India Scholarship will be revoked if a student joins the institute and then withdraws during the course duration. The student will have to pay for the duration of the course, according to the charges prescribed by the institute if their scholarship is revoked due to any reason.

Please Note: The SII Scholarship will be awarded only for AY 2022-23 and no scholarship shall be granted from next year.

About Scholarship and Fee Waivers

Fee Waivers are concessions offered on tuition fees by the Study in India partner institutes. More than 90,000 fee waivers are granted across 164 institutes but the number of fee waivers available differs from one institute to another. Please note that the concessions offered under the Tuition Fee Waiver scheme do not cover accommodation and canteen costs. Other expenses including (accommodation and canteen costs) are to be paid by the students. The students who do not receive scholarships are still eligible for receiving the fee waiver offered in 4 categories explained below:


Type of Tuition Fee Waiver Fee Waived Tuition fee to be paid by students Other Expenses
G1 100% 0% To be paid by students
G2 50% 50% To be paid by students
G3 25% 75% To be paid by students
G4 0% 100% To be paid by students

Further, in order to avail tuition fee waiver, appearing for PRAGATII exam is not a compulsion.

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