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Fee Waivers

Fee Waivers are concessions offered on tuition fees by the Study in India partner institutes. More than 90,000 fee waivers are granted across 164 institutes but the number of fee waivers available differs from one institute to another. Please note that the concessions offered under the Tuition Fee Waiver scheme do not cover accommodation and canteen costs. Other expenses including (accommodation and canteen costs) are to be paid by the students. The students are still eligible for receiving the fee waiver offered in 4 categories explained below:


Type of Tuition Fee Waiver Fee Waived Tuition fee to be paid by students Other Expenses
G1 100% 0% To be paid by students
G2 50% 50% To be paid by students
G3 25% 75% To be paid by students
G4 0% 100% To be paid by students

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