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Building a new home for International Students

You’re about to take a big step into your future by making the crucial decision of pursuing higher education in a different country. Studying in a foreign country involves much more than just looking for a suitable university. It is essential to be comfortable with moving places when making such an important decision.

Accommodation and student housing play a significant role in deciding your future place of education. The space you move into helps you build your own little home abroad. While some Indian universities provide students with housing facilities and options, some others make it mandatory to stay in accommodation provided by them. Universities in India offer a wide array of facilities and amenities for students to enjoy. Let’s give you a quick sneak peek into what India has to offer when it comes to student accommodation.

Study abroad is the single most effective way of changing the way we view the world.
- Chantal Mitchell


Institute-Provided Housing

Most Indian Institutes provide accommodation for students on and off-campus. Depending on the university, different rooms are allotted to students. Some rooming styles include single, double sharing, rooms shared by 2-3 people, and community dormitories. Rooms are fully equipped with beds, closets, desks, and extra storage space. They are designed to make international students feel at home, and you could decorate them for a cosier space. Shared rooms are a great way to bond with your peers.

If an institute does not provide on-campus housing, they provide support to set students up in comfortable accommodation close to the institute. While included in the overall education fee, the total cost of living will vary depending on the room offered. At some universities, you would be given an option to choose rooms.

Off-Campus Rentals

Living on campus with your college mates provides a different sense of belonging. It’s like your own little town or extended family. However, not all universities offer student accommodation. But in these cases, there’s no reason to fear, because India offers low-cost rental homes. Airbnb and Oyo are just two of the many convenient sources to find temporary housing on rent. The cost of living in this country varies across cities and within different areas of the same town.

It is important to remember that accommodation is usually reasonably priced and affordable. Brokers are just a call away to help you find the perfect house for you, while also allowing you to spend within your set budget. We also have paying guest residences and hostels, where students can pay to live in comfortable housing with a few other people. If renting a place is not your cup of tea, a hostel might be just what you’re looking for! We suggest you get any necessary support from the institute authorities to ensure you are not involved with any phoney brokers, landlords, or accommodation.


University campuses in India not only pan over hundreds of acres of beautiful land and modern buildings but also provide enough room for several eateries. Each institute has its hall or cafeteria that provides students with three meals - breakfast, lunch, and dinner, daily. They serve an assortment of dishes and cuisines, fit to please all palates. Costs for food at these cafes are included in the education fee, avoiding any chaos of paying differently for every meal.

While universities have these self-run eateries, most of them also have quaint coffee shops and food shacks, where students can purchase the food of their choice. These eateries give you a break from cafeteria food, allowing you to mix it up from time to time! These also happen to be the right hang-out spots on campus for students to interact with each other.

For students who opt for off-campus rentals, kitchenettes usually come along with the house. Whether you pick a hostel or a paying guest residency, you’ll always have a kitchen that generally is equipped with stoves, microwaves, fridges, etc. groceries, however, will need to be purchased.

Laundry and Laundromat Services

When clean, fresh clothes are needed, a laundry service won’t be too far away! Since students live on campus, an essential service they require is laundry. Some institutes have laundry facilities where students hand in their clothes, receive a ticket number and collect freshly washed and dried dresses. While this is included in the fee, most institutes have a cap on how many clothing items per student can give throughout the month. On exceeding that, a small additional fee is charged per item.

Students can also use the laundromat service owned by the university. This may prove to be quicker than laundry services as it takes a maximum of one hour. It is also a very viable solution in case of emergencies.


Universities provide healthcare facilities to students for no additional cost. Most institutes have infirmaries with round-the-clock doctors and nurses who students can visit in case of any health issues. These medical practitioners are easily accessible, qualified, and always have medication in stock. Many of these infirmaries also have beds for students to rest and recover or keep in observation in severe cases. If the university does not have doctors 24x7, nurses will always be available, and doctors can be contacted through phone calls for further assistance.


Based on a survey conducted by Study in India, most Indian universities offer free Wifi along with accommodation. Most campuses have wifi routers all across that work 24x7, allowing for smooth browsing and quick, convenient access to information. The wifi provided is high quality and high speed. And, in case of any issues, there is someone at the help desk to assist you around the clock.

Air conditioning

The diversity of India means experiencing different temperatures and weather as you move across states. These weather differences may be similar to the climate back home or maybe drastically different. No matter the situation, several Indian institutions offer air conditioning systems in rooms to help you beat the heat! And if your university doesn’t have one, chances are the weather is chilly enough to enjoy without an AC. India truly believes that comfort is key when it comes to having an overall smooth study experience, and we’re determined to provide precisely that. Picking an AC room will require you to incur a slightly higher cost than one without AC.

Check-in Time or Restrictions

To ensure the safety of students, some institutes may impose restrictions. The same applies to off-campus hostels too. In such a situation, students are required to be back in their rooms/ apartments by a specific time in the night, depending on the place they’re residing in. Some institutes allow students to stay out till 12 AM, while some have a curfew of 10:30 or 11 PM. Always remember, safety and security is a priority.

Convenience Stores

As the name suggests, these are stores that are accessible and make it convenient to stock up on supplies. Most residential universities have these stores that run on a set schedule, allowing students to buy everything from shampoos, 2-minute noodles, to stationery! So unless you’re looking for something unique, everything you need to get through the day is available in the convenience store!

Gymnasiums and Recreation Centers

Maintaining good physical health is essential to keep up with academic demands. Almost all universities in India offer recreation centres for students to help them get the much-deserved break they need from time to time and to ensure their fitness. Indoor, air-conditioned gymnasiums on campus are open throughout the day, with all the necessary state-of-the-art equipment like treadmills, cycles, weights, dumbbells, etc.

Gyms are just a small part of the massive recreation centres Indian Institutes take pride in. They include everything from a basketball court, to indoor badminton, to Olympic sized swimming pools. Some colleges also offer different ways to keep fit, including mixed martial arts training, self-defence training, etc. These unique services, however, need to be paid for on top of the overall fee, while the recreation centre can be used free of cost.

Your comfort is our priority because we believe a comfortable mind is a happy, peaceful one. Make the right choice for yourself. Remember to consider all the different aspects while picking a college to pursue higher education. Living alone is sure to make you more independent. Top-notch amenities and high-quality living environments ensure stepping out of your comfort zone is a stress-free, smooth journey.

**Please Note: Infrastructural facilities provided by each partner institute may differ.

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