Quality Education Meets Value-For-Money in India

India welcomes thousands of international students every year, who hope to pursue their passion to build careers, by gaining substantial knowledge in their preferred field of study. While learning within the four walls of a classroom remains an important part of education in any part of the world, the country itself poses as a larger classroom. Providing opportunities to learn at every turn, from university education in an academic setting, to interesting facts and history on an exploration trip, India really does have a lot to offer.

We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made.
- Albert Einstein

Even within the realm of university-based learning, the nation strives to make students part of a larger experience. With top-notch infrastructure, advanced technology, an array of amenities, cultural festivals, and reputable faculty, this could very well be the perfect destination for all-around student growth. To add to an already inviting list of services, financial assistance provided by the Study in India partner institute is also up for grabs to reduce financial strain. One of India’s major achievements is the ability to provide students with the global education they deserve, without having to drain their accounts.

Let’s give you a little glimpse of everything that makes India a sought-after student hotspot!

Well-Reputed Institutes

With numerous students from all across the world flocking to India for higher education, the country has established itself as the world’s second-largest education hub. India’s higher education system has seen dramatic growth over the past few decades. It proudly boasts its varied choices, where the institutes offer courses and degrees that mark up to global standards, allowing the use of practical learning in the competitive world. A lot of India’s Top Universities featured in the QS India University Rankings are known around the world. They allow students to thrive in a diverse learning environment. More than 200 of the Fortune 500 companies recruit students directly from Indian campuses. So get ready to kickstart your future with us!

Diverse Courses

Indian universities offer an extensive range of courses to students. You get to pick from over 2600 courses, panning across several areas of study. For someone looking to go down the traditional route, we offer engineering, law, management, commerce, arts from a long list of subjects. If you’re more inclined towards advancements in science and technology, we’ve got just what you need, with courses like - Virtual and Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Cognitive Computing. That’s not all! India also offers students niche courses to set them apart from the rest. These include Yoga, Buddhism, etc. If you have a passion, India has a course for you!

Abundant Amenities

Many higher education institutes in India showcase state-of-the-art infrastructure, helping students enjoy a smooth, fulfilling learning experience. Some campuses also extend over 1,000 acres and have amenities such as cafes, massive fields to play sports, swimming pools, auditoriums, IT labs, and laundry services. Several institutes also provide students with on-campus accommodation for reasonable prices. Accommodation includes dorm rooms with desks, beds, and wardrobes, with or without air conditioning, and either individual or community bathrooms, depending on the university. For students living on campus, institutes would ideally offer three meals a day in their own dining halls.

Formal Indian education settings heavily utilise advanced technology. Most learning is digitally inclined, and these institutes also make sure to allow students to use any technological equipment they may require to expand their knowledge. For instance, students in film schools are given permission to freely use camera equipment owned by the institute. Students in science and technology institutes also utilize lab equipment, computers, and other devices provided by their universities. India goes above and beyond to ensure students have exactly what they need to make the most of their educational experience.

Exemplary Faculty

It is common knowledge that teachers play a very important role in educating students. Faculty in top-notch Indian institutes have earned their degrees from some of the most established universities across the world, and take pride in imparting their knowledge to students. They’re established in their own fields of work and are up-to-date with the latest ongoings. Along with honing your interests, they also prepare you for the real world. Faculty often try new ways to engage and teach their students, for instance incorporating practical, hands-on learning with theoretical learning, organizing educational trips, etc. Indian universities often have guest lectures from people who are experts in their fields, to help students open their minds to newer things, and learn from the very best.

Inter-collegiate Festivals

Where’s the fun in learning if it’s all work and no play? Student bodies of most institutes in India like to let loose by organising inter-collegiate festivals. These festivals bring together students from universities and colleges all over India. Participants exhibit their talents in various cultural and sporting events and gather points till one college takes the ultimate victory. Along with the usual arts and sports, some institutes also have dedicated festivals to their area of interest, including film, economics, IT, etc. This allows everybody to take a break and create bonds with diverse, interesting people.

Partner Institute Scholarship

The offerings may seem too good to be true and to add to it, studying in India also happens to be around one-fourth of the cost of other international universities. Educational entities deliver quality education with great value for money. The average tuition fee for an Indian university is approximately USD 2,200-3,500 (however it may differ across different institutes) as compared to USD 39,000 in the United States, USD 11,000 in the United Kingdom, and USD 23,000 in Australia. To further reduce the cost, Study in India partner institutes also offer financial assistance in form of Partner Institute Scholarship that covers a part of tuition, accommodation, and food.

Studying in India allows you to have the all-around experience of quality education, without spending too much money. It also opens up a world of possibilities, filled with culture, diversity, and learning. It’s time to work towards a future of victories and triumph, to make your passion your purpose, and have the time of your life!

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