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Managing Your Expenses While Studying In India

India is a popular destination among the global student community for affordable education. The cost of living and the educational cost is significantly lower than other study abroad programs. However, it is important you plan your expenses in order to make the most of your student budget. Here are some ways you could work around a comfortable budget while studying in India.

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Fly high, pay low – Many Indian travel websites offer discounts on flights from time to time. You can book flight tickets in advance and search for affordable travel options without any hassle. Moreover, the ever-reliable rail network is well connected across the country.

Affordable accommodation – Hostels in India make for some of the best affordable accommodations across cities, towns in the country. You can check the university website you have applied to know more about hostel facilities available on your campus.

Books and study material – Books and other study material could be quite expensive. A more pocket-friendly option is to visit any local bookstore or local book markets for second-hand books that are either priced by weight or cost less than USD 5. You can also check out libraries and resource centres on and outside the campus, which allow you to rent books for free or on membership.

Happy tummy, low maintenance – If you are staying in a hostel, the campus mess is your most affordable option for fresh and hot meals (if not included in hostel fees). You can also explore other options like ready-to-eat food that is easily available or order through food delivery apps, which are quite popular in India and cost about USD 4 - USD 6 for two people.

Commute better, cheaper – India is home to the 2nd largest road network in the world and has affordable public transportation like bus and metro. The maximum ticket cost for a bus is USD 0.36 while a metro card can be recharged for a minimum amount of about USD 3. Also, taxi services are available at low costs in case you want to travel in total comfort and privacy.

Only for student discounts – There are lots of places in India that offer special discounts for students. Carry your student ID card at all times to avail such offers and enjoy various benefits. Students are cafes, restaurants and other facilities’ favourite customers, especially in cities and towns.

Pocket-friendly Internet – Internet services in India are known for their efficient and affordable packages. There are several options you can try, such as using public Wi-Fi wherever necessary. Your campus should surely have free wifi for members of the university or college.

Revamp your wardrobe – Shop the local fashion stores and street markets, save a lot of money as you buy quality products at low prices. Do not shy away from bargaining at flea markets, if you don’t find the prices right.

Daily needs – Quality daily need products are available at discounted prices. You can buy the products online or can visit the nearby retail store for great deals on products and services.

You should try and spend your money wisely. Combine it with other points mentioned in this blog and you are ready to lead a great lifestyle at affordable prices while you Study in India.

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