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The Study in India program has designed a framework to award scholarships and tuition fee waivers for meritorious students applying to the program. The Study in India team has collaborated with the Indian government wings - MOE, MEA, and MOC, to draw out this scheme. The program offers scholarships called the Study in India Scholarships on an annual basis, while its partner institutes provide tuition fee waivers.

The Study in India Scholarship scheme covers the admission fees, tuition fees, accommodation (room and boarding) costs, and food costs. Any costs and expenses outside the above mentioned are not considered under this scheme. The SII Scholarship will be allocated on the basis of the PRAGATII exam scores and the counselling process. Only the students who qualify the PRAGATII examination, are eligible to get the SII scholarship. (For more details, please visit the page: PRAGATII).

More than 90,000+ fee waivers are offered across 125+ institutes in the following ranges - 100%, 50% and 25%. The number of fee waivers available, vary from institute to institute across the mentioned ranges. The costs covered under this scheme only waives off tuition fee. (For more details, please visit the page: Fee Waivers).


Study in India, with the help of the following Indian ministries - the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, is offering 2250 scholarships upto USD3500 each for academic year 2021-22.

Every meritorious student who has been offered the SII scholarship by the Study in India shall receive it for a maximum period:

  • of 5 years for undergraduate integrated courses;
  • of 3 or 4 years for undergraduate courses, according to the course duration;
  • of 2 years for postgraduate courses;
  • or, till the completion of this course, whichever is lesser.

Please note, scholarships are only available for the above-listed categories, and not for Ph.D., M.Phil and Doctoral level courses.

To be eligible for SII Scholarship, students should have registered with SII, completed their application on our website before the deadline. The scholarships are awarded on the following basis:

  • Students will have to appear for the PRAGATII exam conducted by the SII team across all the countries. (For more details, please visit the page: PRAGATII).
  • According to scores obtained in the PRAGATII Exam & Counselling process, the final shortlisted students will be informed on their Student Dashboard.

NOTE: Students who do not appear for PRAGATII Exam will not be considered for SII Scholarship. However, they can avail Tuition fees waivers.

A few important clauses about the SII scholarship for the students:

  • Each scholarship is valued at maximum of INR 250,000 (≈USD3500) per student per year.
  • Each scholarship under the SII scheme will only cover tuition, accommodation, food, and admission fees. No other expense listed outside this set will be provided for under this scholarship.
  • If the total fees of the course for each year, which includes tuition, accommodation, food, and admission, is lesser than the proposed value of USD3500 the lesser amount will be awarded as the SII scholarship.
  • All scholarships are electronically transferred to the institutes directly.
  • All scholarships are renewable on a year-on-year basis, provided the student is promoted to the next year and has an attendance of 80% throughout. until the day of graduation.

Before releasing the final offer letter to students, each online application will be verified by the institute and the SII team. For further information, read through the clauses given below carefully before applying for the Study in India (SII) scholarship.

Applications for SII Scholarships

To be eligible for the Study in India Scholarship, the student should’ve applied to Study in India and have received admission in one of the SII-partner institutes. Students who have successfully submitted their application on Study in India portal, will be considered for SII Scholarship and will be shared links to give the PRAGATII exam - an assessment test conducted by SII to be used for the initial shortlisting of the candidates.

Important points about SII Scholarship
  • For the academic year 2020-21, 2000 scholarships will be awarded to deserving students who are part of the SII fraternity.
  • Each scholarship is valued at maximum of INR 250,000 (≈USD3500).
  • Students who have been awarded the SII scholarship their scholarship amount will be directly transferred to the institute’s account, the amount transferred will be either the gross total of admission fees, tuition fees, accommodation, and food expenses or USD3500 whichever is lesser.

Scholarships are granted for the complete course duration. The Institute would need to submit the student’s documents and status (on SIITracks portal) to renew the scholarship of the student for the next academic year, before the scholarship lapses for the current academic year.

Renewal of Scholarship

With reference to the scholarship timeline given above, a scholarship under the scheme is renewable on a year-to-year basis up till the completion of the course, without exceeding the mentioned number of years for the course. If a scholar is unable to appear for the final examination, owing to illness or on account of any unforeseen event, the award may be renewed for the next academic year, on submission of a medical certificate and other credible evidence. Additionally, the head of the institute should have certified that the student would have passed, with the required percentage of marks or equivalent Grade Point Average, had he/she appeared for the examination.

A few points to note:
  • In case a scholar has decided to change his field of study or course offered by the institute, then an attested document and a new offer letter submitted by the head of the institute should provide certification, allowing the student to change course within the institute.
  • However, if a scholar decides to change courses from the allotted institute to a different institute, then the scholarship will not be transferred to the other institute or renewed for the following years.
Procedure for Renewal of Scholarship:

To obtain the renewal of the scholarship, the respective institute will submit the student's request to Study in India (SII) on the Study in India Tracking Software (SIITrackS) portal.

  • The student should have fulfilled the necessary requirements for getting promoted to the next academic year of his/her course.
  • No disciplinary action has been initiated by the institute against the student.
  • The student should have maintained an attendance of a minimum 75% throughout the semester/trimester.

Only after verification of all the details given above, by the Study in India team, the scholarship will be renewed.

Withdrawal of Scholarship

The SII Scholarship will be revoked from a scholar, if he/she joins the institute and then withdraws during the course duration. The given procedures will be followed in such a case:

  • The student will have to pay for the duration of their studies, according to the charges prescribed by the institute if their scholarship is revoked due to any reason.
  • Since the scholarship amount is given to the institute; in case of cancellation of the scholarship, recovery of the amount will be made from the institute.
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