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These courses have been designed to offer the best of Indian education in a short duration. They are tailor-made by the masters of their respective fields, Phd’s, industry leaders, people who have been practicing for decades now. They enrich your understanding of contemporary India as well your field of work. Pick up a course to upgrade your skill, master learning or just simply experience the Indian legacy while you beat the clock.

We also invite you to learn the ancient science of Indian origin from the medieval world that survived in the 21st century. Gods, sages and eventually our ancestors have passed on these sciences to us. They are India’s gift to the world.

Yoga, Buddhism, Ayurveda resides in their purest form in this holy land. We believe that the solutions to the biggest and smallest problem reside within; our courses are all set to take you to journey within and explore the hidden secrets of life and world. It is the art of living better, which the world should learn. These practices have enriched Indian households for over 5000 years. You can start from the basics and learn the most advanced and sacred techniques here. We are ready to teach it to the world, are you ready to learn?

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