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Vocational courses, until the end of the 20th century, referred to particular professions like a welder or automobile mechanic. But, as time passed the demand for skilled professions surged, vocational education became more inclusive. Therefore, Vocational courses are now defined as the discipline designed to train students with practical skills for a particular field or profession and it is in contrast to academic and theoretical courses like mathematics, history, philosophy, etc.


Vocational courses are offered in many fields such as health care, office management, skilled trades computer technology, etc. Generally, such courses equip students with technical and artistic knowledge. It involves a lesser focus on the theoretical aspect of learning and is centred around on-field training for a particular field. A handful of examples include designers, mass media, makeup artists, etc. The course curriculum is curated in such a manner that after graduating students are ready to take up professional roles in the concerned field. 

Program Level:     

The Study in India partner institutes offer Vocational courses at the undergraduate level only. A graduate degree in Vocational courses is a full-time course with a duration of 3 years and the students can pursue it after completing their 10+2 in any stream.

However, the eligibility of vocational courses may differ across institutes. Therefore, students should check the eligibility requirements at the time of applying.

Branches of Vocational Courses: 

The branches provided by Study in India partner institutes under vocational courses include: 

  1. Retail Management 

The term retail management refers to the task of overlooking the selling and distribution of products to the consumers in retail set-ups such as chain stores, shops, supermarkets, logistic firms, etc. It includes various parameters of retail operation such as merchandising, financing, buying, inventory control, marketing, personnel, and operation. Students opting for retail management are taught how to identify problems, come up with solutions to improve the overall retail process and finally have a deep understanding of the retail industry.  

  1. Beauty Therapy or Aesthetics 

Beauty therapy is a dynamic field incorporating hairstyling, grooming, nail and skin-care, aesthetics and expertise in make-up. Students opting for a course on beauty therapy or aesthetics are taught about cosmetics/styling/ skincare, trained how to do make-up/ hairstyling and how to achieve overall well-being. Furthermore, they are also trained in required marketing skills and ways to manage beauty outlets such as salons or spas.

  1.  Garment Designing

As the name suggests garment designing refers to the process of ideating and making clothing items. Garment designing course is usually a combination of creative skills along with technical proficiency and the students are taught to create, design, conceptualize or develop various types of outfits. The hands-on training and theoretical classes aim to train the students to develop an understanding of colours, pattern designing, types of fabric, cutting as well as the decoration of fashion outfits. 

Career Options: 

After pursuing a degree in any vocational course,  options available and are mentioned below: 

Make-up Artist

Fashion Designer 

Retail Manager

Textile Designer

Game Designer

Hair Stylist

Beauty Advisor

Spa/Salon Manager


Fashion Stylist 


Nutritionist and Dietician

Study in India Partner Institute for VOCATIONAL COURSES.

No. of Institute :


Location: Phagwara ,Punjab
Type: Private
NIRF Ranking: Yes
NAAC Rating:
No.of Seats: 72959

M. E. S. Keveeyam College

Location: Valanchery ,Kerala
Type: Private
NIRF Ranking: Yes
NAAC Rating: 3.44
No.of Seats: 23

Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE)

Location: Manipal ,Karnataka
Type: Private
NIRF Ranking: Yes
NAAC Rating: 3.30
No.of Seats: 174

PSGR Krishnammal College for Women

Location: Coimbatore ,Tamil Nadu
Type: Private
NIRF Ranking: Yes
NAAC Rating:
No.of Seats: 188

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