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Indian Institute of Management Jammu (IIM Jammu)

Indian Institute of Management Jammu,Old University Campus,,Canal Road, Jammu-180016. ,Jammu

About Us

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) brand has now become synonymous to innovation, talent and zeal for success and contribution in management. Government of India has established IIM Jammu in Jammu and Kashmir in 2016. IIM Jammu is setting up Off-Campus at Srinagar soon. From very beginning, IIM Jammu has set high standards for outstanding value based quality education, high quality research, executive education, consultancy and strong corporate as well as international linkages. IIM Jammu encourages contemporary research concentrating on regional, national and global issues.

Area of Excellence

Management Education & Research in the major functional areas viz., Accounting & Finance, Human Resource Management & Organizational Behaviour, IT & Systems, Marketing Management, Operations & Supply Chain Management, Strategy & Economics

Research Capability and Focus Area

Faculty at IIM Jammu has divergent research interests which includes Operations & Supply Chain, Corporate Governance, IPOs, Foreign Listings, Investor Behaviour, Consumer Behaviour, Judgement & Decision Making, Social Marketing, Psychological Capital, Well-being, Strategic Alliances, JVs etc.

Notable Research / Publication

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Courses & Programme

  • DisciplineMANAGEMENT
  • Program LevelPost Graduate (PG)
  • Branch/SubjectMarketing
  • No. of seats36
  • Course Duration (In Months)24
  • Examination PatternOther

    SAARC Country

  • Annual Tuition FeesUSD 39000
  • Annual Total FeesUSD 39000
  • Non-SAARC Country

  • Annual Tuition FeesUSD 39000
  • Annual Total FeesUSD 39000

Eligibility Criteria: ( UG in Any Subject with minimum 50% score )

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