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Why India is an exciting country for a student?

10-May-19 05:24 PM


You will see and experience things that open your eyes to an entirely different area of life in the modern era. Studying in India means confronting the whole range of the human soul, experience, and versatility. 
1. You can study for free –
Yes, your merit can sponsor your education. Study in India offers International scholarships across 100+ institutes and 9000+ fee waivers for meritorious students. You can file a scholarship application at
2. Learn in a Developing country - A hardcore commerce student knows the importance of being a part of a developing nation. Yes, things are in motion here and are the epicenter of human advancements like a mission to Mars, 5g networks, solar power development, education for all, etc. Living in India is a crash course on the social, economic, and infrastructural challenge faced by any nation. 
3. Start it up – With 7200+ startups on the board, India has become the Launchpad for innovative leaders who have bright ideas. India has 8 unicorn startups like Paytm, OLA, Zomato, OYO. Startups have made the Indian market more dynamic and competitive then ever. They continue inspiring millions of young aspiring entrepreneurs and touching the lives of people with their products. 


4. Time travel is for real – Time travel is possible in India. You can go back to the 5000-year-old mythological era with the literature works like Mahabharata and cities like Varanasi. Travel 2000 years into the Indus valley, Mughal, British era with wonders like Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, Gateway of India, etc. Almost every Indian city has traces from the past. Then you can travel back to the future with futuristic cities, modern IT Infra.  If you are a student of History or not, you are likely to thank yourself for having signed up for India.
5. Wanderlust fulfilled –
India is a geographical treasure. You can explore the snowy peaks in the north, plains in the northeast, desert in the west, plateau at the center, coastal plains of the south, raw culture in the east. Simply put, if you are high on wanderlust, you are going to find yourself in heaven and, you needn’t worry, because you could travel across the country at really low costs.
6. TIC TAC TECH – Indians have adopted tech at a rapid pace. India is the 2nd largest smartphone market in the world and is up to date with the latest cutting edge tech trends in the world. Engineering and IT students are going to find themselves in the 7th heaven. The government of India is supporting this wave with its Digital India initiative.
7. We are young – It is always easy to connect with people of the same age. The infinite energy and the fresh ideas of the youth along with the guidance of experienced adults power the nation. This youth is which comprises 50% of the population is going to shape the future of the planet and you can be a part of it. 
8. Co-curricular activities on the campus – Academics in India is not just restricted to your syllabus. Let's break that boundary and explore that talent of yours like dancing, singing, theater, hosting, robot development, etc.  Indian institutes organize college fests annually like Moodi, Oasis, Saarang which aim to promote a students talent. Some of the most celebrated indie like the pinch, Indian ocean pinch, Indian ocean in the country have their genesis in these college fests.

9. Courses you thought never existed – We all have faced that situation where we want to pursue our passion but the institutes do not have a dedicated program for it. Study in India offers offbeat and short-term courses in Hindi, Ayurveda, Sports, Dance, etc. Go check them out at Let's take the road less traveled.

10. Sport-ify - Right from childhood, Indians have been involved in one sport or the other. We have even created the Gully(Street)versions of various sports like cricket, football, hockey, etc. Sports has undergone vigorous upscaling due to big leagues like IPL for cricket, ISL for football, Pro kabaddi for kabaddi, HIL for hockey, etc. Oh, don’t forget about the sprawling sports facilities available on campus.


 Your memories of India will blaze bright long after you've left its shores and the jaw-dropping experiences are surely going to elevate your soul.  Just calm your self now and register on to plan your studies in India. 

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