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01-May-19 10:51 AM



No, they have not invented the time machine yet but do they really need it? Why not visit Delhi instead? It is mesmerizing how Delhi offers takes you back to the 16th century and fetches you back to the 21st century in a heartbeat. It is not hard to see why the city has served as the capital from ancient times. The city of people with big heart beats to its own rhythm and offers infinite things to learn. 

1. The throne of Delhi – From Mahabharata (a mythological epic) to the Mughals to the British and finally the independent Democracy of India in 1947, the city has been the longest serving capital in the world and the one of the oldest inhabited city. Delhi is home to the parliament of India. Therefore, a student of IIT Delhi can soak in the history, even if that’s not his subject, but just a hobby.

2. Spicy n hot for business– Did you know that Delhi has the largest spice market in the world and is India’s no. 1 e-commerce hub? Anything and everything available in the country is available in Delhi. Delhi is a street shoppers delight, from antiques to overseers, from jewellery to clothes, from electronics to footwear. The city is a commerce student’s delight. 

3. Food o mania – The hot n spicy north Indian food has been able to tickle millions of taste buds across the globe and has a loyal fan following of its own. You can choose from Chola Bhaturas, tandoori chicken, parathas, street chaat, kababs, and the list can go on forever. Every major cuisine of the world can be found in Delhi. The pocket-friendly options near the college campuses are surely going to blow your mind, all one needs to do is to explore.