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STEM education - India’s next frontier

24-May-19 10:58 AM


India’s love affair with STEM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) has stood the test of time – from the urban architecture of the Indus Valley civilisation 3000 years back to being the IT super power in the 21stcentury. 

STEM education has sculpted the modern face of humanity – With the rapid advancements in science and technology, the demand for STEM students has never been higher and the quality of STEM education in India is touching new heights. Indian universities have led from the front in STEM education – and it shows in the rapid strides that India has made in the world of science 


LEADING FROM THE FRONT, ALWAYS – India has proven its mettle in the STEM sector. Be it the invention of zero or completing the mission to mars at earth shattering cost or launching a record 104 satellites on a single rocket, Indian has arrived on the global STEM map and is ready to take on fiercest of the challenges posed. 


LET'S CREATE IT TOGETHER/THE CREATIVE SIDE OF LIFE - India filed a record 27% more International patent applications in 2018(as against 2017) with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), registering the highest year on year growth amongst all countries. Moreover, with 7200+ startups, India is a major hub of startup in the world. This creates an environment which allows students to bet big on their ideas, and also to promote ideas into action to markets. 


ONE DEGREE FOR THE WORLD- The Republic of India signed the Washington accord in 2014. The Washington Accord recognizes that there is a substantial equivalence of engineering programs accredited by the signatories of the major countries of the world. Therefore, an Indian engineering degree from top tier institutes, in India is recognized across the globe.


IIT – 1 IN 1500 ADMISSION RATIO MADE EASY– The Indian institute of technology has been the golden standard of STEM education in India and is ranked amongst the top institutions in the world. Over 1.5 million students seek admission to IIT, out of which only 10,000 are selected. Through Study in India, International students can access supernumerary seats (seats specially reserved for foreign nationals) which increases your chances to get admission to IIT.