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Let's get you on-board ; A step by step guide for students coming to India for studies

25-Jun-19 11:09 AM


If you are reading this, then probably you have, or you are about to get admission to a prestigious Indian institute. This simple step by step guide will help you guide through the process -


NOTE – Visa and passport are compulsory documents. The admission procedure can not be completed without them. 



1. Checking the result – You can log in into your study in India account. After login, go to the student dashboard or you can use the following link - 


1.    If you got admission – in this case, the institute name along with scholarship will be reflected. 

2.    If you did not get admission - You can see the message on the dashboard, which will convey the same. 

If you have got the admission, then the allotted institute name, discipline, program level, qualification, and specialization will be displayed. 


2. Scholarship benefits – The financial benefits can be classified into the following- 


G1 – 100% tuition fee waiver 

G2 – 50% tuition fee waiver 

G3 – 25% tuition fee waiver 

G4 – No fee waiver 

3. Scholarship – Study in India scholarship 


You can either get a fee waiver or scholarship. If you see the Study in India scholarship mentioned, then you won’t receive the fee waiver. 

If you see the fee waiver mentioned, then you won’t receive Study in India scholarship.  


4. Institute status pending – It means that the institute is still evaluating your documents. Once the verification has been done, the final offer from the institute will be made to the student. 

Once the application is accepted, you will see 2 buttons on the dashboard. – Accept and reject. If you want to say yes, click on accept. If no, then click on reject. 

5. Offer letter – Once, you have accepted the admission. The institute will reach out to you with an offer letter, which will contain all the basic details about your course and the fee structure. After getting the Visa, you can deposit the fee of the institute. 




1. Passport – Once, you have accepted the application. You will need a passport. You will need to upload the copy of the password on the web site. If you do not have the passport, apply for the passport right now. Then, upload the application number and the necessary supporting documents. For further details, You can log on to -


2. Booking your tickets – Its important to have your tickets ready, as once you have received a call or notification, a copy of your tickets have to be uploaded. Also, Inform us about The Origin and the destination airport. 


3. The all-important VISA – Visa is the compulsory document required for any foreign national to Study in India. 

Received - Once you receive your Visa, you need to upload the following details of the Visa – 

1.    The copy of the Visa,

2.    Expiry date, 

3.    Visa type

Applied for – if you applied for the Visa, then you need to share the following details – 

1.    Copy of the application form 

2.    Application number 


To know how to apply for Visa, you can log on to -



1. FRRO – Any foreign national coming to India to study is required to register with FRRO. The registration needs to be done within 3 weeks of landing. For more information log on to - 


2. Important Original documents to be carried – Do not forget to carry your original documents, which you have uploaded on the website (Official transcripts) for the verification purposes. The admission can be canceled if you fail to submit any of the original documents to the institutes. 


We wish you and hope that you have got the institute and course of your choice. Hope, that this article answers all your questions. If you still face any problem, you can reach us out at 

•    Call - +91 9899-450-350

•    Whatsapp - +91 8130-013-265




We are Eagerly looking forward to seeing you and share our treasure of wisdom and knowledge with you. 

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