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India, A home away from home

12-Jul-19 11:02 AM


Moving to new country can be totally daunting and the culture shock can give you nightmares. What happens next? The very next moment you are craving to go back home. We will tell you, why this thing won’t happen in India. 

1.    Blend in like water – A culture that says "athiti devo bhava" (Gods resides in the heart of guest) is bound to be open to anyone who wants to adopt it. Moreover, the students will very keen to blend you in into their culture. The best part, you can blend into the Indian culture without loosing your old beliefs, which make it even simpler to adopt.  

2.    Home sweet home – The institutes have constructed hostels, specially to suit the tastes of the International students. You will be well taken care of by the hostel facilities, which provide shattering value for your money.

3.    Happy tummy – Food is what keeps you up all day and not finding the food fit for your taste bud can be a disaster. One can easily find Chinese, Japanese, Nepali, Bengali, Continental, Thai, Italian cuisine in the country. Else, you can always cook your own food in the hostel facilities. Ingredients are easily available through the grocery stores in the country. Moreover, grocery delivery services will help you find the right products for daily use and online food delivery services ensure great food at your finger tips. 

4.    Hello Amigos – What’s better if you find someone from back home in a new country. India has over 46,000 international students. It is easy to find people from your country and ethnicity on the campus and within the city. Moreover, various associations like the student association of African students are present in the country, if you need some extra help and support. 

5.    Follow your beliefs - India is a secular country. Hinduism, Muslim, Christianity, Buddhism, Sikhism are some popular religions followed in the country. It is easy to find a religious place nearby to practice your religious practices. It easy to find a mosque, church, temple, monastery near by. In fact, each part of the country is enchanted spiritually. 

6.    Simple ice breaking – We always feel at home when we are interacting with people of our age. Every second person you will encounter in India is below the age of 35. Therefore it is easy to connect with them and they are more open to understand your culture, background and thoughts. 

7.    Ok Google, What’s the weather like – Familiar weather conditions can always make you feel as if you are at home! The Indian sub-continent offers a wide variety of temperature from hot to extreme cold. A majority of cities experience hot to cold temperatures during different times of the year. If you still want to experience more, you can travel to 0 degree temperature zones in the north to 45 degree temperature zones in south. 

8.    Global trends – Indians are well caught with the global culture and you won’t feel any culture lag at all. From the latest Hollywood trends to the Human rights trends all can be effectively felt within the country. The culture keeps up with the world, so will you. 


9.    I got my own style – India is a major hub of apparel production, India produces clothes for the world. No matter what style, color fabric you wear, it will be available in India. For eg – Burkhas, T-shirts, Haroms, Pagne. Moreover, you can always bargain at the cheap street markets and get your desired wardrobe at great prices. 


The best part about studying in India is that it does not take anything away or tries to change what you have learned already but rather adds on to it. So, you experience something different but at the cost of nothing. Just be open to the experience and things will simply start flowing

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