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Do I.T the Indian way

17-Jun-19 11:02 AM


India is known as the king of IT exports in the IT world. The IT revolution, which started in 1963 with the set up of Bhabha Committee, appointed by the Government of India. Since then, the Indian IT sector has not looked behind and is a Tech force to reckon with in 2019.The United States accounts for two-thirds of India's IT services exports. 

King of the Tech Jungle – With India contributing 37 per cent share of the global outsourcing and exporting $154 billion worth of services and goods in the fiscal year 2017-18. It is the unrivalled king of IT exports .1700 firms in India probably offers the widest variety of products for the global market. Now, who wants to walk with the king?

Back to the future – Indian Businesses are now taking advantage of emerging technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial intelligence (AI), digital communications, Internet of Things (IoT) and cognitive computing to improve profitability, collaboration and competitiveness. Moreover, the courses offered in the Indian institutes are following the latest trends and you can pursue education in fields like machine learning, AI, cloud computing etc. Check out the list of available courses at -


The silicon valley of India – Bangalore is one of the potential places to be the next silicon valley of the world. 40% of the Indian IT industry in concentrated in Bangalore. Almost, every major tech company like Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon has its headquarters in the city. The fact that Bangalore grossed $133 million in aggregate funding in 2018 is a proof that it is the choice of city for venture capitalists. 


Digital IndiaIndia’s digital consumer base is the second largest in the world. The government of India aims to transform India into a digitally optimized country with its Digital India scheme.  The Government of India has up to 30 schemes, which has the value to create up to $1 trillion of economic value from the digital economy in 2025. The most prominent one them is A majority of new technologies like AR, VR, Cloud computing are adopted by Indians at a rapid pace, in fact India is the worlds fastest growing Mobile phone market. 

The AI leap – It will not be a under statement to say that the next decade of IT will dominated by the AI sector. According to the future of jobs report 2018, 73% of the industry is likely to adopt machine learning by 2022. Moreover, the Government of India announced the development of a National AI portal in the interim budget 2019-20. 


Engineering sheer brilliance– Indian education system produces 20.7% STEM graduates in the world. Did you know that it was an Indian student (Ajay Bhatt, Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda) behind the invention the most widely used data transfer standard, the Universal Serial Bus (USB). Vinod Dham again an Indian student from Delhi College of Engineering is known as the father of Pentium chips. The funda is simple “Study in India, make it big in the world”. 


SPOILED FOR CHOICE- India has about 3,345engineering colleges out of which the best are bought to you by Study in India. Now before you get confused with what course and college you need to find, we will share some good news with you. We have done the work for you by selecting the top 100 institutes and the best courses you can pursue. G, check them out at  


IIT and NIT - They are the premier Indian institutes and dominate with their sheer brilliance in the IT sector. Indian Institute of Technology (23) and National Institute of Technology (31) are the 53 autonomous public institutes of higher education in India and are sought after by millions of students. They are home to finest minds in India and offer avant-garde courses in the field of Information technology. The good news is that International students can access supernumerary seats through Study in India (seats specially reserved for foreign nationals) and increase your chance to get admission to IIT’s and NIT’s by leaps and bound. 


Home grown heroes – India has a long list of organisations and people who best represent what the Indian scenario has to offer. Organisations that are worth billions and people who have touched lives with their work. Some these organizations – 

1.    TCS – Tata Consultancy Services

2.     Infosys

3.     Wipro

4.     HCL Technologies

5.     Tech Mahindra

6.     Mindtree


ALUMINI– The Indian IT students spread magic wherever they go. Their knowledge and values are second to none. In their stride to change the world for good they are making their presence felt. 


  1. Sundar Pichai – CEO Google LLC (IIT)
  2. Vinod Khosla – Co-founder – Sun microsystems (IIT)

3.    Satya Narayana Nadella – CEO Microsoft (MIT,Karnataka)

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