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All your Registration and Submission problems solved

07-Jun-19 12:39 PM


You are on the right track to get admission to the Indian institutes. With admissions closing on 15thJune, you really don’t want to go wrong in the process. Here are some tips for situations that you might encounter while completing submission of your application. Go ahead, submit your form now and take the next step of your career. Read this blog carefully. 


1. Registration and Login are two distinct step of the application process - The whole admission process starts with the registration. You need to register your self on Study in India portal (Link for the same is Fill in all the details in Registration form and click on "SIGN UP". After this you will receive an e-mail with activation link for your Study in India account, on the email address entered by you in the registration form. Click on the activation link to activate your account. After that you can login to your account (Link for the same is You can login using your unique username which is your registered e-mail id and password, and start completing your application form, which includes Academic information, Background information and student choice filling.


     Registration form                         Account activation e-mail                   Login page

NOTE – Please note that registration page is not the same as login page. Login is the next step after registration. Where as, registration is the 1ststep. 


If you are still unable to login with your username and password, We request you to call us on +91 9899-450-350 (Toll-free) or drop a whatsapp message at +91 8130-013-265. You can also send an e-mail at 


2. Fill all the information – Once you login, you need to fill the following details :


> Basic Information – This includes name, address, phone no, Date of birth etc. 

> Background Information – This includes passport details and citizen details. 

> Student Choice Fill – You can choose courses and universities of your interest. You need to arrange the list of colleges/universities as per your preference.

>Document Upload - After you have selected your colleges/universities, you would be required to upload the relevant documents (For e.g. Class X mark sheet, Class XII mark sheet, etc.) as per requirement.


1. You can choose as many universities and courses you want. Choose multiple options will increase you chance of getting an admission. 

2. Once you fill all the 3 forms, you can submit the form. 


 3. In-case you have forgot your password– go to the login page Click on forgot password. Enter your registered e-mail id and captcha. You will receive an e-mail, which contains a password and the link to set your new password. Click on the link and login using the password provided to you on the e-mail. After this it will ask for an old password, which is the same password, sent to you on the e-mail. Enter your new password and you are ready to login. 

NOTE– Old password is the same temporary password sent to you on e-mail when you clicked on forgot password. 


4. I still haven’t decided on Studying in India –It is perfectly ok, if you have not yet taken your final decision. But we would request you to complete your choice filling and submit the application form. If you fill the form, you can secure your seat now. The submission of application form will ensure that you have an opportunity to study in India. It is solely your choice if after getting the admission,you want to come to India in the present admission cycle or you wish to apply again in the next cycle. The admission process is free of cost, so you don’t end up spending any money. 


5. Convert your marks, refer to document –Note that you need to enter marks according to the grade conversion document which you will find once you have reached the Student choice fill page after you have logged in or you can simply click on - For eg - If you are a student of Bangladesh and scored A+ or (80 - 100) or 5 then you marks according Indian system is 90. All the countries are listed in the document and you can convert your marks accordingly as only the marks according to the Indian system will be allowed to enter. 



6. Choice filling – Once you login, after filling the basic information and background information. You will see an option where you can choose institutes and courses, according to your academic eligibility. You can also pre-select the courses using this link Make sure that college which you desire the most should be at the first place in the table of institutes selected by you as it is will considered your 1stpreference. 

7. I don’t have passport / My Results are awaited – if you don’t have a password you can still get an admission to Institutes in India. But to arrive in India, you will need a passport. Therefore, will recommend you to apply for the passport in the meanwhile. If your results are awaited and will be out later after the last dates have passed then you can select the option of results awaited. 

Note that you can apply if the above 2 cases, so don’t stop yourself from completing the process due to these 2 reasons. 


8. Exam section – Some of you might be confused, what to fill in the exam section of the choice filling form. Note that these are specialized exam required by certain universities in order to get admission to them. For eg- IIT, a prestigious institutes requires JEE- advanced scored for admission. If you have given these exams good, enter the scores. If you have not, then click on no.  


Upload genuine marks only – Make sure that the marks you have entered are the supported by the genuine documents. Else, the institute will not accept your application. Moreover, remember to convert your marks using the grade conversion documents. The documents you upload should be uploaded one by one. Do not upload all the documents in one section. For e.g.- if asked for 12thclass mark sheet, only upload the 12thclass mark sheet. Do not upload the 10thclass and graduation mark sheet with it. 


Submit / Last Date – Make sure that you submitting the form. The application won’t be accepted if you do not submit your application. The last dates to submit your application is June 15, 2019 for UG courses. Hurry, submit your applications now. 


Hope this answer all your queries. If you still face any issue, we are here to answer all your queries. You can call us on +91 9899-450-350 or drop a whatsapp message at +91 8130-013-265. You can also sent e-mail at Don’t hesitate to ask for help; after all it’s about your career.








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