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The Indian education system has been a place of graduation for many Indian and global leaders. The Study in India program is a flagship project of Ministry of Education (MoE) to encourage international students to explore educational opportunities at top Indian universities. The SII program has constructed a seamless system for students to register for the program and explore courses across prestigious Indian institutes.

Search from more than 2600 courses offered by India’s most reputable institutes based on Discipline, Program Level, Course and Specialisation. Our courses range from mainstream courses such as Sciences, Engineering, Law, Arts, Social Affairs, Commerce and Management, to niche and traditional courses such as Yoga, Ayurveda, Buddhist Studies and more.

We have a course for everyone here in India! Find your course and institute and kick start your journey with us at Study in India.

Do not forget to list and rank your preferred course(s) at your preferred institutes(s) while applying to the Study in India program.

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