You’re In Lockdown, But Your Potential Doesn’t Have To Be

The current situation of the world, with the onset of the global pandemic - COVID-19, has forced people into the confines of their own homes through government-imposed nationwide lockdowns that have been active since March 2020.

Social distancing, isolation, and spending months at home have had two kinds of effects on people around the world. They’ve either used this time as a break from their usual hectic lives or have found something new to keep them occupied and make them feel productive.


No matter your lockdown philosophy, it’s important to remember that being physically restrained does not mean your potential needs to be curbed. So, regardless of the category you fall under, we’ve got a list of things you can do to make the most of this time at home.


  1. Pick up hobbies and skills
    Whether it’s something you’ve always enjoyed doing or something you’ve been waiting to try out, now is the time! Read more, paint, learn an instrument, or enjoy some cooking. Actively involving yourself in these activities keeps your mind busy while also having fun, and has even proven to help improve mental well-being.

  2. Clean, organize, and decorate.
    This is the ideal time to give your house a deep cleaning and get everything to look more organized. It’s been scientifically proven that a cleaner, organized surrounding helps your mind feel more at ease than a messy home does, and also known to boost your mood. You could start small, with your own room, and slowly move on to the remaining areas of your house. Your hectic life must’ve left you with little to no time to personalize your room as per your liking, so take this time, and get decorating!

  3. Take up new courses
    It’s true what they say: “No matter what, learning never stops”. It’s highly beneficial to keep challenging your brain with new ideas and concepts, trying to learn new things. Several websites now offer free courses for people to expand their knowledge as they spend time at home. For anything you want to learn, there’s always an online course to find.

  4. Pamper yourself
    While you take this time to learn and acquire new skills and knowledge, remember to break away from the routine from time to time and take care of yourself. Before lockdown, getting 20 minutes a week to do something to relax and rejuvenate, was a task. So, take a warm bath, make a cup of hot tea, read a book, or watch your favorite show. Do whatever helps you unwind and bring you peace and happiness.

  5. Exercise
    You don’t need to leave your house to get your daily dose of physical activity. The internet is filled with videos of different exercises you can try, from dancing to yoga, to the old-school stretches and crunches. Exercise has been scientifically proven to have a positive effect on one’s mental health. All you need to keep fit, is your running shoes, a video, an hour of your time, and a little bit of motivation.

Stay indoors, and turn that lockdown frown upside down, while also making this much-needed time off count!


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