Unfamiliar Territories and How to Feel at Home


Mental Wellness

As a student, there comes a time in your life when you’re ready to leave the nest and start afresh. You move to an unfamiliar land, determined to make a mark, explore, experience, and take in everything the country has to offer. This change comes with expectations, a little fear, and a lot of excitement.


Shifting your life and building a home away from home can also be accompanied by various challenges. A new country brings with it new people, new languages, and new cultures, which can prove to be daunting if they’re dramatically different from that of your home country.


On arrival, you may bank on your innate ability to socialise and learn, to help you make friends, learn the local language, properly understand the workings of this new place, right off the bat. However, owing to the diversity across the world, you may find yourself feeling a ‘culture shock’. This is when the country you move to has a culture that’s so unlike your own, that coping with this stark difference gets demanding, to say the least. Always remember this is a phase, and with time, it will get easier. One of the biggest upsides to a change so massive is the push it gives you to grow, accomplish what you set out to, and create memories that last a lifetime.