Top 10 Career Paths to Explore in the Next Decade

The economy is grappling with the effects of pandemic-induced lockdowns. In a resultant global recession, the rise of technology, automation, globalization, and urbanization are contributing to rapid change in the work landscape.

According to the key findings of The Future of Jobs Report 2020 by the World Economic Forum, 85 million human jobs are likely to be displaced by machines by 2025. Against that, 97 million new job roles are likely to pop up, with work being equally divided between humans and machines. There will be innumerable job opportunities in the STEM field, especially in niche and exciting areas such as Health and Wellness, Alternative Energy, Urban Farming, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

To weather such a storm of uncertainty, it is necessary for students to choose a relevant career option for several years to come and can withstand economic upheavals. So take out your notepads and jot down the list of in-demand jobs for the next decade - and more. 

Healthcare Professionals 

The ongoing pandemic situation coupled with a rising population has created a massive dearth of healthcare professionals such as Registered Nurses, Medical & Health Service Managers, Medical Technologists, Physicians, Surgeons, etc. These qualified and trained professionals perform a plethora of jobs, such as - monitoring patient’s vitals, personal hygiene, maintaining health records, diagnosing medical conditions, developing treatment plans, etc. The scope is vast, and so are the opportunities. Students should opt for college courses in pre-med, biology, and science. Having skillsets like sharp memory, zeal for research, ability to work in dynamic and critical environments, communication and interpersonal skills with an empathetic approach serve as additional boons.