These Indian Artists Will Make You Groove Through The Gram!



The world is in a state of chaos amidst the daunting coronavirus pandemic and everyone out there is trying to cope with being cooped up in their homes in these times of distress. We are all stuck in the loop of extended lockdowns and isolation, trying to imitate and perfect those home-cooked mama’s recipes or following those monthly home gym routines.


Music has always been the best way to clear our heads, heal millions of hearts and to lift up our spirits. What’s better than to experience soulful music by some of our dearest artists, on platforms like Instagram and Facebook live in the comfort of our homes?


We can experience it all! Live balcony music sessions in Rajouri garden, Delhi to several live digital concerts planned by renowned musicians like Sonu Nigam, Shankar Mahadevan, Vishal Dadlani, and many more; the quaran-tunes are like a lifeboat that most of us are relying on, because who doesn’t like to sit with a nice garam cuppa chai or coffee and enjoy some uplifting songs in the background to create one’s own zen zone?


While there is a lot of negativity around; these indigenous musicians are spreading smiles and cheers to help homebound people fight the quarantine blues.



This blue-eyed soloist is winning hearts with his timely live sessions on his instagram handle. Kuhad has gained popularity with his fresh take on Indie music and heart-touching lyrics amongst several youngsters in recent times. The mild- mannered ‘Tune Kaha’ singer has been entertaining his followers by performing acoustic versions of some of his famous tracks like - ‘Cold mess’ and ‘Kho Gaye Hum Kahan’ amongst many others and his IG fans couldn’t be happier.



‘The Hoarder of feelings and emotions’ is how he introduces himself. Ankur Tewari; the extremely talented director/songwriter/singer; is known for his impromptu Instagram live gigs and his bold words. He spreads important social messages in his jam sessions along with singing his songs like ‘Dil Haare’ and ‘Woh Hum Nahin’ on his guitar for his followers. In the famous ‘I for India’ initiative, the gram saw Alia Bhatt and Ankur performing a mashup of ‘Ik Kudi’ and the evergreen track - ‘Dil Hai Ke Maanta Nahin’. Sister - Shaheen Bhatt joined in too as they ended with an appeal to the public to donate for the Give India campaign for those who are in need during the corona crisis.




It’s the age of fusion! And one such contemporary music band that comes to mind is none other than Indian Ocean. From impromptu living room Jam sessions to live digital benefit concerts supporting campaigns like - Association for India’s Development and Vodafone’s Recharge For Good Concert; this sensational band has been winning several hearts. Give an audience to this soulful troupe.




With the new generation’s growing love for EDM genres like house and dubstep, the electronica musician and producer- Sahej Bakshi a.k.a Dualist Inquiry has fast gained fame and love from his expanding fan base. The virtuoso was recently part of a long distance-collaboration with several artists from different countries in a digital event called Bacardi Pass the Beat; #DoWhatMovesYou where he played his groovy tunes in a live set which puts you in dance mode.



Overall, there’s so much more to discover across the world of music, especially since making and producing music has now become a much more accessible activity. But following artists like these is a surefire way to fill that live music-shaped hole in your heart, at least for now!

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