The How, What & Why of The Choice-Filling Process

There’s nothing more fulfilling in life than following your passions the best way you can! But how do you figure out the right routes to take you all the way? When it comes to the Study in India program, we aim to give you the best shot at completing your dream course to let your career take flight. 


With a host of course offerings at top-notch institutes in India, our application and choice-filling process is designed to help every student find the best fit and achieve more. Thus, getting through the process right is an important part of your Study in India journey. Here’s breaking it down step-by-step:


The process of filling in your application is simple and easy. There are three major sections to the application process - Basic Information, Background Information & Choice-Filling.


Basic Information 

As the heading suggests, this section covers your basic information like your official name, contact details, address, etc. Before you get started with filling in details, be sure to read all instructions carefully. While you may not need to enter details for all fields, the ones marked with an asterisk ‘*’ are mandatory. 


As you start filling in your details, ensure that they are the same as your government ID or passport. Do note that the email ID you used to register yourself will be taken by default under this section. When you enter your contact number, it will have to go through a verification process to keep you updated on your application progress. Enter your country code, followed by your mobile number (Do not add an extra 0 or your country code in the contact number field). You can choose to receive an OTP (One-time password) via SMS, call, or WhatsApp within 3 minutes after your request. While entering your residential address, be careful while entering the spellings to avoid any confusion. Don’t forget to cross-check all information one last time to ensure a smooth process before you proceed to the next section.  


Background Information

This section covers your passport, citizenship details, and your references.

If you have a passport, ensure that you correctly enter all necessary details as per your passport, i.e. passport number, issuing authority, date of expiry, and the country of issue. In case you don’t possess one, you will need to apply for it. If you have already applied, you can add your Passport File Reference Number. Select no if you haven’t applied for a passport but make sure that you have one at the time of landing in India. Under the citizenship section, make sure to correctly enter your Citizenship Number or click on ‘no’ if you don’t have one. (Do note that only some countries provide a citizenship number, so fill this section only if it applies to your country.)


Under the reference section, be sure to enter two different references or people that can confirm your basic details. One reference can be a family member or a close relative and the second reference could be a former teacher or a faculty member at

your latest alma mater. Once all details have been filled in, you can move on to the next section.



The final major step, the choice-filling section is also one of the most important sections of the application process. This section acts as a way forward for your education by aligning your preferences regarding disciplines, courses, institutes, and more and choosing the best options available for you as per your past academic scores. Do note that you will get exactly 31 minutes on each section in the choice-filling page before you are automatically logged out, so save your information before that. Before you begin, check the list of colleges/institutes, courses, number of seats, and eligibility criteria. You can find all information for this right here:


Under the academic information section, fill all columns with corresponding information - the percentage of your marks in secondary school, higher school, from undergraduate to the last higher education exam you have appeared in. Note that these marks have to be filled as per the Indian Education System. To convert your grades as per your country, you can refer to our Grade Conversion Document: . We advise you to note all this information separately on the side too for future reference, just in case. If your country's grading system is not listed here, you can search and follow a country with a similar grading system as your country to convert your score. Once you convert your grades, you can enter them in the respective boxes. If your result is still awaited, select the ‘result awaited’ option and fill your consolidated score till the last exam you have appeared. For courses post 12th or higher secondary, you will be asked for diploma marks. If you have done a diploma, click on yes and enter the marks after converting them as per the Indian Education System or select no if not applicable. Under the examination section, select yes if you have appeared in any specialized examinations like GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS, etc., and enter your score. Do note that some courses require these specialized examinations for eligibility. Once completed, save and move on to the next section.


The next section covers the disciplines and course levels you want to apply for. If you are not sure about the field you wish to pursue, you can even choose multiple disciplines. We have 2,600+ courses to choose from. Make sure you have qualifying marks for each level before you apply for it. Move on to the next section once you confirm and save these details. 


The next section is a comprehensive list of all courses and institutes under your discipline. You can easily select and add them to your list via the search option available at the top-right of the screen. You can also filter by disciplines and corresponding colleges offering the program will appear. Click on the Apply button once you find your institute/s. You can enter the percentage that you filled previously after converting it as per Indian Education System on the screen that pops up. For a few courses, you may have to enter the marks of individual subjects. Once you enter your marks, you can click on save. Don’t be disheartened if you see a message saying you are not eligible - you can still apply to other colleges offering courses as per your marks obtained in the required field. If you have qualifying marks, then a message will pop up stating that the choice has been saved successfully. Do note that you can similarly apply to as many courses and institutes as you want! Remember, you have to select a minimum of 3 choices for completion of the application.


Once done with the institute section, save and move to the choice priority section. Under this section, you have to set your order of priority over your editable list. You will be allotted institutes during counselling as per the priority set by you. If you have been allotted & selected by your 1st choice, you will not be allowed to change your priority after. You can change the order of priority by clicking on the arrows under the action column or using the set choice option to swap between two colleges if your list is long. Save and proceed once you are done.


This section is to upload all your mark sheets. You can only upload pdf, jpeg, and jpg files. Be sure to convert your files into these formats before uploading them, keeping in mind that the file size must not exceed 2MB. You can choose and upload files as required in each column. Use the view option to check your documents before submitting them to ensure the material is visible enough. Once done, click save and next and you will receive an alert citing that it is successfully uploaded. 


The last section is the declaration. Candidates are advised to go through their entire application once and make sure that all the information filled in is correct to the best of their knowledge. Failing to do so will lead to disqualification from the admission process. You will also be asked to upload your photo and signature here as jpeg or png files under a size of 1 MB.  


If you have any doubts about your application, need to make changes or discuss it with someone, you can edit the application later on after submission. Click on ‘I agree’ and submit the application; you will be notified through a message on your registered mobile number and email that you have successfully completed and submitted your Study in India application. If you have any queries regarding your application or the process, you can contact us on the toll-free helpline number +91-120-6565065 or email us at


Although seemingly lengthy, our application process is straightforward, easy to understand, and is designed to give you the best outcome. It gives you time to build your interests, explore different course & institute options while providing you with an opportunity to find your strengths. So, don’t waste this opportunity and start your educational journey with Study In India. 

Follow this choice filling guide to complete your Study in India application:

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