Podcasts To Keep You Hooked During Your Stay At Home

Social distancing and isolation have people looking for fresh ways to entertain and educate themselves. Listening to interesting, panoramic takes on various subjects or receiving daily news capsules from across the globe, brings with it a fun experience to our mundane lives. And podcasts help you do just that! Podcasts, similar to radio shows, are way more accessible - you can listen to it anytime and anywhere. This fascinating world of podcasts could ignite your thoughts, tickle your imagination, teleport you to a whole other world, all in the comfort of your favorite spaces.

According to a 2020 report by the leading podcast research company, Edison - there are more than 850,000 active podcasts globally with over 30 million podcast episodes. This just goes to show the meteoric rise of podcasts. The podcasting spectrum offers a plethora of  unique, entertaining, and informative podcasts. Usually, specified to a topic or subject, podcasts are presented with conceptual acumen and tremendous technical finesse. And the best part - it can be done from anywhere!

It can get quite overwhelming to get a headstart. So here’s listing down the choicest selection of podcasts you could experiment with.

Genre: Science

Duration: 30 to 50 minutes, weekly episodes

Physicist Brian Cox and comedian Robin Ince take you on a hilarious journey of unconventional topics in science. Fellow scientists and comedians come on board this show to discuss intriguing topics such as black holes, parallel universes, time and more! While these topics may seem complex, these are given a witty and enjoyable angle, without diminishing the essence of the topic. The podcasters strive to make the vast world of science accessible to anyone.