Planning to Move Abroad? Let These Books be Your Guide!


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It is said books let you travel without moving your legs. These books can also guide you halfway across the world.


Moving to a new country is an experience in itself - an exciting and daunting one. People usually make this decision to pursue an academic qualification, a career opportunity, or just explore a new country.


If you are reading this blog, you are mostly planning to make this move for academic purposes. While you build your travel bucket list, it is good to gain a fresh perspective from those who have already made this move and have written books about it. We've created a list of books that we think will inspire and help you in this adventurous journey.



In a Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson

The author Bill Bryson is well-known for his informative yet humorous novels. When Bill decided to finally move abroad, he decided to record his journey in the grand Kangaroo-loving country of Australia. In this book, he advocates for enjoying and finding joy in the little things that one can experience in a new country, while having a positive attitude. His words will surely inspire you to set out on your own little journey.


The Mobile Life by Diane Lemieux and Anne Parker

This book is a unique and fun read for anyone thinking about relocating to a new country. While providing great tips on adjusting to significant life changes, it also reflects the inspiring story of Sir Ernest Shackleton's journey and his exploration of Antarctica during the early 20th century. It delves into the ways of dealing with the emotional side and the psychological effects of moving, along with easy ways to deal with it.


Once Upon an Expat by Lisa Webb

The best things can happen when you step outside of your comfort zone. And this book teaches you just that! It is an anthology that journeys through different continents and tells the stories of expat women who took the leap of faith and travelled to a foreign country. Their experiences will not only inspire you but teach you important life lessons to overcome all sorts of hurdles you might face while living in a new place.


How To Move Abroad And Why It’s The Best Thing You’ll Do by Jessica Drucker

This book will let you in on the step-by-step process of making the big move. Jessica Drucker teaches from her own experiences, where - she attempted the big move, failed, and eventually succeeded. She also hammers in the thought that moving to another country shouldn't be an end goal. Living a life that you are proud of should be the only thing on your mind.


A Student Guide to Study Abroad by Stacie Nevadomski Berdan

This is a must-read for students planning to get their higher education abroad. Stacie Nevadomski Berdan is a seasoned global executive and an expert on international careers. This read gives you access to more than 100 valuable tips and dozens of stories by students who've walked the path you wish to take. A diverse set of students and business professionals were surveyed for this book, and it also contains advice from various educators.


Prepare for Departure: A Guide to Making the Most of Your Study Abroad Experience by Shelley Story

One of the most recommended books out there, the main aim of this book is to help you shorten the learning curve through which you divert your energy into more meaningful and unique adventures abroad. Shelly Story managed the student-life division of a study abroad program in Italy for nine years and now helps those who wish to go overseas for their higher education. This book is filled with all sorts of information, from pre-departure preparation, managing your health & wellness, to tips on surviving in a foreign land.


Should I Stay or Should I Go? - The Truth About Moving Abroad and Whether It's Right for You by Paul Allen

Often people move abroad without adequate research, leaving them to seek guidance almost always. This book gives you answers to most questions that cloud your mind, such as - should I move abroad?, how can I manage finances?, will I be able to build a career here?, and so forth. Filled with well-researched facts and anecdotes from expats, this book will guide you to make the correct choice for yourself and propel you in the right direction.


Club Expat - A Teenager's Guide to Moving Overseas by Aniket Shah & Akash Shah

This book was written by two former teenage expatriates. The authors' central goal is to help young teenagers thrive in a foreign environment. It is packed with students' experiences from across the globe and covers topics ranging from life in a different land, how to deal with cultural shock and how to manage a home by yourself. This guide is easily accessible to the global student community.


Change can be quite intimidating, but we must learn to embrace it! Beautiful things can happen when a person decides to step outside of their comfort zone and look beyond what they already know. Very few people in the world can take this decision to invite change into their lives and move to an entirely new place, so pat yourself on the back for doing your research and heading in the right direction!
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