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The pandemic has impacted many sectors this year, but the education sector saw a significant shift, particularly for students seeking admission to international programs. Many students might contemplate missing out on an academic year; that does not necessarily need to be the only way moving forward. Even as many students’ lives came to a standstill, universities worldwide have found their ways to impart education. With a change in the entire university experience that has now shifted to remote education, uncertainty looms in the air. However, for any student not looking to hit pause and take a gap year, it’s still a great time to apply abroad - particularly in India.

Of course, most of us are aware the education sector has upped its game, by going online in the post-pandemic world, making accessibility easier. University faculty in India regularly conduct classes and lectures with added webinars, not to mention a more personalised teaching experience built for students. On the other hand, with flexible courses delivered to students, students can study from the safety of their homes. Most institutions have managed to take the campus life online, and it only improves more and more by the day.

With the higher education systems creeping back to normalcy, universities across the globe are now gradually reopening on-campus classes. While the initial kinks in the digital system have drastically improved over time, portals set up for student support have made it possible for students to address their issues and suggest system changes accordingly. Both existing and prospective students now have direct lines to enquire about new policies, changes, or any other concerns they might have.

For prospective students who are still skeptical about applying, educators and facilitators are already doing their best to bridge the gaps that one could face. The campus experience remains alive by introducing various extended and diverse extracurriculars, even through these trying times. Navigating through different time zones has also become a breeze, with recorded sessions accessible online along with coherent testing and examination systems. Institutions are also doing their part by refraining from fee hikes, mitigating campus housing rates, and so on. 

An important note to keep in mind is that the online education system is temporary and will soon resume a hands-on campus system. Universities have had almost a good year to prepare for your arrival. The faculties at most institutions are set to provide dedicated assistance and complete safety measures at your disposal for a smooth experience. This makes for a more personalized attention across all courses so students can soak up even more knowledge. 

Applying and continuing your university experience in the current conditions can still be a positive and enriching experience for most, even with changes in the system. Being optimistic can go a long way in helping you do so. The global epidemic might have kept our lives on hold, but it cannot stop us from learning and growing. Institutions under the Study in India program are more than prepared to host you once again and give you the best educational experience you desire. So strike while the iron is hot and apply today!

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