Fun Activities for a Weekend Filled with Adrenaline and Thrill

The word weekend can ignite an intense emotion of pure, unadulterated joy, especially after a long week. And when nothing beats enthusiastic friends, a relatively free weekend, and fun activities. Weekends are not just for running errands. Remember to take some time off to spend with your pals. Whether it is forming new friendships along the way, or enjoying time with your friends, group activities and sports are an excellent way for team building!

Don't let your weekends just pass you by. Instead, hop into activities that offer a delightful time with your companions. 

Before we jump into revealing the names of these activities, let’s set some ground rules. Each activity/sport will be introduced by a rule that will guide you through the rest of this blog. Start by pledging to take these rules seriously. Oh, don't worry! We were just kidding. Pardon. 

Rule No. 1: Buddy up and head over to the Mystery Rooms.

When they say, friends have always got your back, ensure to keep them around, especially while trying to crack codes in escape and mystery rooms. Found in various malls across cities, these small dark rooms, following a specific theme, are real-life challenges designed to get you to escape rooms. This activity works just like video games, but here the players are real. The rules are simple - work as a team, crack the code, and get yourself out safely within the allotted time. If you fail to do so, your team will lose. Get those grey cells working and hop along as a team to plan your escape route.