Engineering in India takes an Offbeat Course


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Engineering has existed since the dawn of civilization, which reshaped the world over time. From cultivating farms to building megacities, making tools to machine learning - each advancement came with its own set of challenges and complex problems that required creative solutions. And engineering was the answer to it all!

Dating back to ancient Egypt, where shelter, infrastructure, and transportation became necessary for the community, civil engineering emerged - becoming one of the oldest disciplines known to mankind. The industrial revolution in the 15th century gave rise to mechanical engineering. This was followed by the discovery of electricity in the 17th century resulting in laying the foundations for electrical engineering. 

The advent of the 21st century - rightly labelled as the age of technology has given rise to many engineering disciplines beyond the traditional ones, leaving you spoilt for choice. The demand for engineers in offbeat fields is high as they are lesser-known but hold enormous scope for innovation. Wish to enjoy a lucrative and satisfactory career? Read on to discover these unique and upcoming engineering disciplines.