Chai & Filter Coffee: India’s Concoction Craze


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In India, anytime is Chai (tea) and Kaapi (coffee) time. For most Indians, days begin with a hot sip of these aromatic beverages that send across energetic vibes across body and mind. With outlets opening up in every nook and corner of the country, coffee and tea are further popular, especially among students and young adults. Although brewing methods give off distinct tastes and flavours, the most satisfying tea or coffee in India is found at your closest local tea stall. The steam from your tumbler adds an artistic touch to your morning, which is highly unlikely to be experienced whilst sitting inside cafe shops.

Whether it’s exam pressure or spending some quality time with friends and family, having chai or coffee is an intimate thing for every Indian out there. There is never a need for a special time or occasion to reach out for a cup of India’s favourite beverages.

For Indians, chai is more than a beverage to start the day. Chai is the perfect balance between tea and milk. Unlike tea, chai is a product of tea leaves brewed along with herbs and spices to enhance the aroma and taste, consumed with boiled milk and sugar. 

Chai is culturally engraved into every Indian household’s functioning, their values and as an emotion. Travel around and experience the different types of  Chai offered to you. Here are few of the many-

Kulhar Masala Chai

One of the most common types of tea preferred in North India, Kulhar Masala chai is served in traditional clay cups which infuse the beverage with it’s earthy aroma. The tea uses indian spices like cardamom, clove, cinnamon, and ginger, brewed in milk and sugar, giving it the unmatched resemblance to Kada (Indian herbal mixture). Kulhar masala tea is considered the elixir for flu because of it’s herbal mixes. 

Darjeeling tea