Bye Bye Blues - A Guide to Fighting Loneliness and Anxiety



COVID-19 has quickly spread to every nook and corner of the world, forcing the entire planet to switch off. It’s not bold to assume that while this hasn’t affected everybody physically, it has impacted their mental well-being, owing to the isolation and social distancing they’ve been ordered to practice over the past few months.


It’s essential to remember that the shutting down of the world does not mean we shut down the act of taking care of ourselves. In fact, it is now more than ever, that we need to look after our health, both mental and physical, and face our challenges head-on.


For our physical safety, scientists and doctors are hard at work, trying to find a permanent solution to this global pandemic. However, the uncertainty about the future of us as individuals, the world as a whole, and the inability to experience the comfort of human touch have led a lot of us to give in to feelings of fear, loneliness, and anxiety.


Here are a few tips to help you keep your mental health in top form, and power through the remaining duration of this lockdown:


  1. Stick to a routine
    Lockdown and self-isolation have caused a disruption of large proportions to our usual routine, leading to feelings of confusion and frustration. To gain back lost control, it is imperative that we maintain a routine similar to that before the quarantine. Continue your eating, sleeping, working habits as per schedule for a sense of organization and calm.


  1. Be accommodating to the needs of people around you
    Physically spending all your time with one set of people could cause tempers to rise, leading to unwanted tiffs. However, this experience is as new for everybody in the world as it is for us, and it is important to constantly remind ourselves that we’re all in the same boat, combating this issue in isolation, but together. Adjusting to the moods of those you’re living with is necessary to keep the pressure off and allow this phase to play out smoothly and in a healthy manner.

  2. Don’t overload yourself with news about the virus
    We’re all aware of the extremities of this pandemic, but reading about its updates throughout the day leaves little scope for hope. If you’ve decided to dedicate 30 minutes to keep up with the news, ensure that the rest of your day is free from talks of coronavirus. Spend the remainder of the time looking forward to a time after this, and looking for ways to keep yourself occupied by doing things that make you happy.

  3. Keep the mess away, to keep the stress at bay
    A house of chaos and disorganization equals a mind flooded with confusing, not-so-peaceful thoughts. Regularly cleaning your surroundings is known to keep unpleasant thoughts away. There’s no harm in giving it a shot, so why not?

  4. Stay connected
    Unfortunately, thoughts of loneliness and sadness are part and parcel of isolation, and while there’s not much we can do to speed up the process of eradicating the virus, we can do more than we think about how we spend this time. Staying connected to people via calls and messages, checking up on them from time to time is extremely important to keep us in touch with what we recognize as normal. It’s sure to help you feel happier and it also gives you and your loved ones a feeling of comfort and support. 


  1. Consume less, create more
    Consuming digital content is, for a lot of us, basic instinct when we’re given some time off our daily schedules. However, creating art, writing, exploring, and finding new ways to express yourself will not only prove to be therapeutic but also reduce your screen time. So turn off the TV and get creative!

Use this time to focus on yourself, care for your mental health, and change the course of this lockdown for the better.

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