Business Hacks You Learn Only In India



They say you are what you practice daily. Therefore, the environment you live and learn in makes all the difference. When in India, you will learn skills known only to and nurtured only by Indians, which could certainly benefit you in the near future. 

NEGOTIATION – The dazzling array of handicrafts, textiles, and products available in Indian local markets are hard to resist. But here comes the fun part, you don’t need to pay the actual asking rate for the product. The final price depends on your negotiating skills. The jaw-dropping prices of the products are surely going to blow you away and the skill you develop is going to help you throughout your life. 

MANAGE RESOURCES LIKE A CHAMP – Indians have an obsession with efficiency and like to do things most cost-effectively. The energy consumption of India is 19 times less than the U.S despite the population being 3 times more. Even the mission to Mars was completed at a record 12 rupee per kilometer. The environment you live in, focuses and teaches you to get more out of less. It is something Indians live by and are the biggest practitioners of.

LEARN LOGISTICS – The 160 billion logistics sector is growing at a rapid pace and Indians prefer getting their things delivered more than ever. Delivery startups like Flipkart, Swiggy, OLA have taken the Indian market by storm and have achieved the unicorn startup status. The dabbawalas (meal delivery service) of Mumbai have been recognized as one of the best logistics communities in the world. Oh, and to clarify, they don’t use any specialized technology. Indians surely know how to get the right thing delivered at the right time. 

MANUFACTURE IT RIGHT - With the Government of India’s Make in India campaign, India has achieved a prominent status on the global manufacturing map. Samsung is only one of the bigger known companies that recently inaugurated its largest manufacturing plant ever in India. India is rich in steel, agriculture, textile, handlooms, mining, food industries, etc. A site visit to any of these industries can open your eyes and provide you with hands-on experience. 

LITTLE MASTER OF FUND MANAGEMENT – Living outside your home is a learning experience in itself. You have limited funds and you need to manage the best out of it, sound like the story of every company, right? You need to know what expense is necessary like books, basic food, etc. and how you can save for other luxuries such as new clothes, going out, etc. India offers comfortable living at an average of $5,000 per annum and offers a wide variety of lifestyle options to choose from. 

PUBLIC RELATIONS DONE RIGHT– When you are studying in India, you interact with students as well as citizens from different cultures and backgrounds, allowing you to automatically learn the art of communication. You will find yourself home; once you enter the corporate world, as your communication skills would have already been polished. Nothing is better than communicating effectively. 

THE ART OF INNOVATION – Indians have a habit of working around resources available and thinking ahead of the curve. No wonder, India is the world's 3rd largest startup hub. India is aceing in modern small-scale innovations are self-repairing roads, cane-based prosthetic limbs, solar power trees and more! Being a part of a developing country has certainly motivated them to develop such products at a very low cost. One is sure to get inspired by these. 

Whoever said Indian education was confined to the four walls of a classroom ! 

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