10 Pro Tips to Build a Professional Portfolio while Learning Online


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Nurturing creativity, developing critical thinking, decision-making abilities, and building communication skills - are essential for an individual to meet the challenges of a fast-paced modern life. These make you capable of adapting to an agile and flexible work environment, thereby increasing employability chances. Active participation in the betterment of communities makes you a model citizen, benefiting society at large. It's best to aim to acquire and hone life skills through education and life experiences. 

Students must start networking on LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, and similar professional networking platforms. This helps you showcase your achievements, experiences, and learnings, allowing for visibility and exposure. Most successful professionals vouch for attractive and good portfolios to secure great gigs. 

Thinking of how to get started? Here’s the ultimate guide to creating an impressive professional profile. So bust out your pens and take notes!


Having a professional-looking photo helps to create an excellent first impression. Don’t worry! You need not book a fancy photo booth. All you need is your mobile phone camera and a neat, plain backdrop. Just wear a formal outfit and don’t forget to smile! In fact, many people have been posting their natural study or workspaces from homes or their favourite locations too. Try it now!

Craft an attention-grabbing HEADLINE

Tell people what you are currently interested in and the avenues you are looking to explore in the future through a catchy headline under 120 characters. It’s the most crucial aspect of your profile, so make it creative, crisp, and industry-specific.

Write a strong PROFILE SUMMARY

A profile summary is your best bet to hook potential employers from your field of study. Within 2000 characters, describe who you are, what motivates you, highlight your key skills and qualifications, and what you can offer to add value to your potential place of work. The summary is also a great tool to showcase your writing flair. Hence, make the most of it, and write clearly and concisely in the first person. 

Bonus Tip: You can add more credibility to your profile by providing links to blog posts, slides, videos, podcasts, or articles you have worked on. 


Worked a part-time job or took on some freelance work? Then list them out along with your accomplishments. You could further complement this by attaching links to your work sample. In case you have joined any clubs or organizations at college, you can also mention them here. It is equally important to detail all your educational qualifications, starting from school to college, including relevant coursework and extracurricular activities. These will help you connect with notable alumni and your peers. 


Employers often look for people with volunteering skills and treat them as valuable as paid experience. Displaying your volunteer work demonstrates your commitment to society and adds additional value to your online resume.

Showcase SKILLS 

It is recommended to add as many skills as possible and share language proficiencies. So start off by mentioning at least 5 of your key skills and the languages you know, along with the level of expertise in each. Ask your peers and faculty to endorse your skills, which in turn will help you boost your profile visibility.



Won any awards recently? Got quoted in a notable publication or article? Don't feel shy and endorse them here! These will help you polish up your resume even further.


If you’re gone above and beyond your regular academic work by pursuing additional courses or programs, list them out as it shows your passion for learning and growing more. Add links to credible projects you’ve undertaken, if possible. 


If you’re looking to add more strength to your profile, there’s nothing better than asking for recommendations. It is best to get these from your workplace or internship supervisors, faculty, mentors, or fellow classmates. Use it to gain that additional stamp of approval.


Follow relevant influencers and company pages to receive industry-specific updates. Actively share your views on topical issues and start conversations with your peers, other like-minded individuals, and professionals. 

There’s no better time than now to focus on building a portfolio. Staying prepared in advance would give you that competitive edge over others. Make the most of this platform to engage with connections and recruiters, conduct company and industry research to rope in the benefits of job email alerts. 

Let’s also get another thing out of the way - social media isn’t a trend anymore but has become more a way of life. Use this to your advantage and showcase your work on social media platforms to garner more eyes and get the word out. You can also use social media to promote your professional profile. You never know - a golden career opportunity may be just around the corner!

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