10 finger-licking Indian Dishes You Can't Miss!


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The belly rules the mind and the soul because there is no love like the love for food! We may be divided by oceans and time zones but food brings people together to create memories seasoned with love. It just takes the right bite of food to put you in a good mood. Beginning your day with a sumptuous breakfast like a plate of freshly made french toast or  pancakes and a hot cappuccino or a glass of fresh juice on the side could brighten your busy day. While a backyard barbecue dinner with your family on a weekend could leave you feeling blessed. Your favourite ice-cream could fix a rough day and a dish you’ve never tried before could change your life!

Julia Child, the famous French chef who revolutionized American cooking, quite rightly said, “People who love to eat are always the best people!”. All the food-lovers out there can relate to expressions like - ‘Life is too short to say no to cake’ and ‘Did you say exercise? or extra fries?’. It's because we find comfort and bliss while eating our favourite dishes. They leave us with a story connected to a place, someone’s company or a special occasion, and life is all about counting memories, not calories right?

From food trucks to busy street food stalls, to fine-dining restaurants and more - There is something for everybody! We discover so much about a country and its people when we explore the local cuisines and learn more about the food that the people there love to eat. It speaks volumes about their diverse culture & traditions and gives us a peek into its very soul. A single plate of food can take us on a journey and help us be a part of millions of people’s lives.

India is popularly known as ‘The Land of Spices’. Indian food is famous for its richness and hard-to-miss aroma that has attracted the attention of renowned international chefs like Nigella Lawson; Gordorn Ramsay as well as international food vloggers like The Foodranger, Kara and Nate etc. Many Indian chefs have stirred a hype about Indian cuisine globally such as Melbourne-based Hebbar’s kitchen, Chef Ranveer Brar , Chef Sanjeev Kappor and Chef Vikas Khanna to name a few. Dishes like hot and spicy curries, delectable chaats, and to-die-for mithais (sweets) make Indian food a spiritual experience that gets food enthusiasts hooked and wanting more! Although there are innumerable dishes one should try without fail upon their arrival to Incredible India; here are 10 dishes that you absolutely shouldn’t miss!